Friday, December 02, 2005

Over already???

I don't know if I'm really sad or really happy. The end of the semester is approaching, I have two days of classes left, and after one more round of tests, I'm free for a whole month. I should be ecstatic. Elated. Pumped, if you will. So why am I so melancholy about the semester ending? Probably for several different reasons. Uh oh, I feel another list coming on! Ok, so bear with me as I work through this odd feeling associated with my upcoming freedom--

Possible reasons for my indifference:
1) It is the end of the semester and I am absolutely sleep deprived, making it hard to be excited about much of anything.
2) With a month break comes a month spent away from my friends in the tiny, ever-so-exciting (note the sarcasm) town of Natchitoches, Louisiana.
3) In order to get to this freedom, I must first overcome a group project (ahem) and three big tests.
4) I have finally figured out my professors and now must deal with the stress of learning the grading habits and expectations of a new set.
5) I like the kids in my classes and know that I will probably not run into many of them next semester.
6) I am a creature of habit and always balk at the the thought of change.
7) The end of the semeseter means I have completed 3/8ths (almost half) of my college experience. Almost half of the "best time of your life" gone in the blink of an eye!

But wait, what am I sulking about? It's Christmas time!! That brings me to a whole other list of things to be completely excited about! As you will soon see, I'm OBSESSED with Chrismas. I love the atmosphere, the food, what is stands for, the whole nine yards. Just to name a few of the things to get me over my "finals melancholy" and into the spirit:

1) All of the decorations me and my roomate put up are soo fun.
2) My home town is the "City of Lights," meaning fireworks, millions of lights, carriage rides, and good food awaiting me when I go home.
3) A legitimate excuse to play on the toy aisle
4) Shopping for a whole month guilt free because its for other people!
5) Christmas carols and candlelight church services
6) Nights by the fire fighting with my brothers and laughing with old high school friends
7) The excitement on my little cousins' faces when Santa comes
8) My home town filled with jolly Christmas tourists

What am I talking about, "finals melancholy?" I can't wait to get home! It's been a great semesters, but now its time to wrap it up, take a break, and start all over! Merry Christmas y'all!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Someone is reading this??

Well, I guess after my last blog on sleeping in class, I had somewhat of a wakeup call. At the beginning of the semester we talked about monitoring our writing and maintaining an appropriate amount of disclosure in our blogs. After my wonderfully interesting and super nice (is it too late to suck up JK?) teacher commented on my post, I realized that perhaps I had crossed that line of appropriate blog topics. So at this time, I would like to clarify my previous blog and promise to maintain a more professional blogitude(my new word for attitude while blogging) from now on.

Come to think of it, I guess there is really nothing to clarify. I was sleep deprived, and I compose a blog after finishing a writing activity. I just want JK to know (because apparently he reads our blogs!) that my state of inattention was in no way a reflection upon his teaching skills or my interest in his class. Rather, it was a lapse of jugement on my part for going to sleep at 4 a.m. the previous night and expecting to be alert in class.

JK--my sincerest of apologies and I will attempt to better monitor my chosen topics! (oh yeah, and go to bed earlier!) But just so everybody else knows...people are reading these things...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thoughts of a sleep deprived college kid--

As I sit here in my 8:00 a.m. class on approximately three and one half hours of sleep, my brain is simultaneously filled with absolutly nothing and so many thoughts. Between the fuzzy buzz of caffeine, semi-coherant thoughts keep managing to slip by--must get organized for my advising appointment...left my laundry in the washing machine...what am I going to eat for lunch...what is everybody else working so hard on...geez I'm tired...sure am glad I drug myself out of bed to come zone out...what did that guy talking at the front of the room just say?

Sigh...I really must focus or maybe I'll just...just...catch up on some...sleep...yawn...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Getting Home

Has anyone ever spent an entire day in the El Paso airport by themselves? Well, now I can honestly say that I have! Until my flight from El Paso to Dallas was delayed for SIX HOURS on Monday, I had no idea the impact that a small thunderstorm could have on nationwide travel. All because of a mild thunderstorm in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, all flights going into and out of DFW were severely delayed. This probably would not have been a significant problem except that DFW is one of the nation's biggest and most frequented airports. More important than my lesson about the magnitude of rain, I had plenty of time during my delay to learn other things about the airport. Thus, I begin yet another list...

During my solo day in the El Paso airport, I learned that...
-NO airport food is good--not the healthy stuff, not the junk food, not even the Mexican food.
-PDA (public displays of affection) is no-holds-bars in airports.
-Everyone thinks that their timely arrival is more important than those delayed around them. Obviously, their schedule is the most important!
-Avoid checking your bags if at all possible.
-A single pack of chewing gum and a medium diet coke costs $4.46-or so I've heard...
-Sometimes waiting in the airport is better than getting on an airplane full of delayed travelers and haggard flight attendants.
-Everyone has a story to tell--sometimes, it just takes being stuck with them for 6 hours to hear it!

Happy travels and remember-always allow time for delays!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Powerful, eye-opening, and dramatic. That's what I have to say about North Country. Starring Charlize Theron, North Country was about women being sexually harrassed in a northern Minnesota mine. As usual, she was wonderful, and the rest of the cast fit their roles perfectly as well. The movie was based on a true story, making it even more powerful to watch the women endure and finally stand against their assaulters. Definitly not an easy "date night" movie, but I still recommend it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Funky Town!

I realize that my blog posts are turning into a series of lists, but in exploring my new "blogging nature," I have found lists to be an effective form of organization and expression. Therefore, I present to you, another list. This one is a compilation of some of my favorite things in down town Fort Worth. You see, being from small-town, Louisiana, our downtown, uptown, business district, and residential area were pretty much one in the same. So this idea of dressing up and heading downtown is all together new and exciting for me. There are so many great restaurants and cute date ideas that I just felt the need to share some of my favorites.

If you're hungry, I recommend...
1)Uno's for Italian-AMAZING personal pan pizza
2)Mi Cocina's for Mexican-cute outdoor patio, and not your average Mexican menu
3)8.0's for a hamburger-there is usually a fun band playing
4)The Reata for fancy with an awesome view
5)Billy Miner's for that "Fort Worth B-B-Q" tradition

Date night?
1)4 day weekend is a funny improv. comedy show (right by Marble slab, so you can get ice cream after)
2)Bass Hall is gorgeous, and adds a little culture to the evening
3)The AMC Theater is cute and again, in a fun location
4)Dancing anywhere you hear music!
5)Strolling the all together adorable western shops.(ok, so maybe only I would like that!)

The downfall?
2)everything costs money
3)parking, and um....
4)oh! money!

So that's downtown. My next post will probably be about my FAVORITE place-THE STOCKYARDS!!!

Viva Mexico!

What a weekend! I had a college rodeo in Uvalde, Texas (waaay the heck down there, past San Antonio), and of course, me and my cowboy friends found something to get into while we were there. Let's just say, 1 truck + 10 people + 70 miles to Mexico= very valuable lessons. Some of which include:

10)Don't drink the water, corona, or tequila in an "all you can drink" bar-'nuff said
9)Be prepared to PAY for your toilet paper
8)Keep three dollars on reserve for the ride home, or else you will WALK across the border
7)The Corona club closes at 4 a.m. and they are adamant about you promptly leaving
6)Vendors will charge your friend two dollars for a hat and you ten for the same one
5)Don't ever get on a mechanical bull operated by a man holding a beer
4)Careful on the dance floor, the drunk friends you are driving PROBABLY spilled their drink
3)When driving home at 5 a.m. while everyone else is passed out, 80's music is great caffeine
2)Border patrol does not mind how many people you have crammed in your truck

and the number one thing I learned while in Mexico...
1) Never trust a tequila induced cowboy to remember his nationality when questioned by Mexican officials!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Uh oh...

This is a picture of my once basically flawless travel companion, Bud. The moral of this story? Cars are not made to be driven to rodeos and parked in pastures next to one ton trucks. I am unsure of how his new, ahem, "blemish" appeared, but I'm fairly certain that accidentally jumping a ditch and bottoming out on the adjacent black top could have caused his once smooth bumper to become a victim of obvious parental abuse.
Okay, so I admit it-I am a bad mom. However, that is the least of my worries. For my lack of parenting skills are surely going to result in another very irate parent, only this one comes in the form of my dad. So I'm asking all of you for help. Is it possible to get the crack welded back together for a cheaper price than an entirely new bumper? I am taking suggestions for any of the following: how to break the news to Dad, what my alternatives are for fixing it, if any of you know a guy who knows a guy that can hook me up with a good deal... Or perhaps someone would offer their house up for Thanksgiving so my Dad will not have the chance to see my little "accident" until Christmas. After all, Christmas is the season of giving, and perhaps my chances of survival would be higher.
Thanks for your help, and remember-Honda Accords, rodeos, and ditches are NOT a good combination!